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After Paris with Autolib', Lyon and Bordeaux soon, Bolloré and IER will deploy car-sharing in Indianapolis, USA.

After Paris, Lyon and Bordeaux soon (large French cities), Bolloré seduced Indianapolis in the United States with its car-sharing system which has proven to be successful Paris.


The Bolloré Group and IER will deploy in 2014 an electric vehicles car sharing service in Indianapolis (USA). This service will include 500 full electric vehicles, 200 rental stations and 1200 charging stations. The project was officially launhed on June 10, 2013 during a press conference held in Indianapolis. “We must become the most electric city of the country” says Greg Ballard, Mayor of Indianapolis, who has already decided to turn the 3100 vehicles of the city into electric, natural gaz or hybrid vehicle before 2025.

Indianapolis is a Midwest city that keeps expanding. If local people look more interested in SUVs or pick-ups, Hervé Muller, General Manager of the IER Inc. in charge of the programme, mentioned  that the center of Indianapolis includes a large part of students or young adults ready to abandon privately owned cars if good alternatives are offered to them.

The Indianapolis project “is part of our strategy to develop our deployment in the United States. Other cities will follow” added Hervé Muller who has “initiated discussions with medium size and large cities during the last six months” in the country.


To learn more about the Indianapolis car-sharing project, click on press links below (USA & France):