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3, rue Salomon de Rothschild
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1) How to control and disable cookies ?

IER doesn't use cookies that allow personal information identification. However, if you want to limit or disable cookies of the IER website or another one, you can do it by using your browser option : Go to 'Web option', then click on 'confidentiality'.
You can also have a look at the website for more information about cookies or processes to disable cookies from your computer with every web browser.
Be aware that restricting cookies has an impact on the functionalities of the web site and the navigation performance.

2) Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a service provided by Google that includes Google Analytics cookies. This service allows to evaluate and understand your use of the IER website in order to match reports results with our marketing actions and campaigns.
Google stores information obtained from cookies on a server localized in USA. Google may need to forward information to a third party for legal reasons or when a third party acts on his behalf.
Google doesn't match cookies information with IP addresses. By using this site, you are consenting to the use by Google of data collected as explained above.
For more information about Google Analytics cookies and the process to deny Google Analytics cookies, please visit the website

3) How to manage Cookies placed by IER ?

If you need more information or to get help about different browsers, have a look at the website You will find the process to disable cookies from your computer and all related basic information.
Be aware that restricting cookies has an impact on the functionalities of the website and the navigation performance.
On the IER website, cookies are collecting information concerning your preferences. You have the possibility to configure your browser settings to accept, deny, or be informed of cookies implementation. In case of denying, visitors might not be able to take full benefit from the websites. Every browser is different. Go to 'Web option' and click on 'confidentiality'.
On the IER website, all pages contain a cookie that will be stored on your hard drive. That is how most websites work. This cookie will allow the website owner to know if this hard drive identifier has already visited those pages. This screening procedure is automatically generated thanks to the cookie implemented at your first visit.
For more on privacy and working principles, send an e-mail to

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Publication Director : Sandrine Ressayre